Icelandic weather

Icelandic weather

I assure you that it is very beautiful weather in Iceland very often. Yes, I am slightly prejudiced about Iceland because it is my heart’s homeland but, still, I have been coming to Iceland for many, many years and I have lived in Iceland and I have been walking in shorts and a short often.

Having said all that I do call this kind of weather Icelandic weather. Sorry, Iceland.


It’s gonna rain after a while, for forty days and forty nights. And the people didn’t believe him, and they began to laugh at him. And they began to mock him, and they began to say, “It ain’t gonna rain!”

They didn’t believe that it was gonna rain, but glory to God! Hallelujah!… But sho’ ‘nuff, it began to rain. Hallelujah! They began to knock up on the door, but it was too late. The bible tell me they knocked up on the door until the skin came off their hands! My Lord, my Lord, I say until the skin came off their hands! They cried. I can just hear their cry now. I can hear them say “Oh no! Will you just open the door?” But Noah couldn’t open the door. It had been sealed by the hand of God. Glory to God!